moderated Re: Remember last message read #suggestion



Mark -- Is the app going to be only a customized mail client that only bypasses the problems of SMTP email delivery and read-tracking? Is it going to REPLACE normal email delivery?

I think it is more like a replacement for the mobile web experience; one that can push notifications to your device's notification system.

I don't see how we can track anything if people are allowed to switch back and forth.

Same as today: what happens to messages delivered to your email service is completely unknown to

By presenting three different (and largely incompatible) user interfaces I am concerned we could end up with a spaghetti-bowl of use cases that will be very difficult to untangle.


[in GMF, or from support] "When you say that you posted that message on your mobile device, did you mean through your email app, your browser app, or the app?" Hopefully though the latter two won't be "largely incompatible" apart from features (like notifications) which the web browser experience doesn't support.

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