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Among the questions I see with the Comprehensive Way is how to count when a message is read, particularly in the case of Expanded view. But even for Topics, do you count all the replies as read when one opens the topic? Maybe it would be possible within those views to track whether each message body was ever displayed, but that seems real finicky, at least on the web interface.

We basically re-invent the inbox. Give everyone a email inbox, but only for group email

Hmm. I was going to suggest that it replace but it can't without providing another way to find and unmute muted topics. Maybe that's solved by adding Muted to the Tools/Filter drop-down in the group's Messages/Topics lists. Or maybe one simply has both /topics and /inbox (but that's probably confusing too).

One way of doing that would be to add a second set of message delivery options, to control what's delivered to your inbox.

That's probably not so bad if you simply create a new section, almost duplicating the Email Delivery section. Call it Web Delivery perhaps. In it you could (I think) leave out the Plain Digest choice. I was thinking that the Advanced Preferences (except for Max Attachment Size) would apply to both Email and Web Inbox, but maybe that would be too limiting for some.

You realize of course that once you do this people will want to be able to log in using their Inbox rather than an external email address. A use for the long-fallowed User Name perhaps, promoting it to the Account section of the Login tab? But that's a whole other topic I suppose.


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