moderated Re: Site updates #changelog


On Sat, Aug 31, 2019 at 8:16 AM Glenn Glazer <glenn.glazer@...> wrote:

I'm curious, Mark. Does the API have many programmatic clients outside of the infrastructure itself?

Are you asking about programming libraries to interface with the API, or about people using the API? In terms of libraries, I list one in the API docs, but I don't know the status of it. The API is just json objects, so it's (supposed to be) straightforward to use.
In terms of people/companies, there are a couple that I know about. An analytics firm does some sort of message analysis on behalf of one of our enterprise customers using the API. Another has built/is building a dashboard on top of the API. I think there may be a couple more, but because I don't require any sort of specific registration to use the API, I don't really track it.


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