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In other words, my message comes through just fine in gmail, without the extra spaces (paragraph breaks), but not on the group archive.

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All very interesting but it’s still the dominant word processor and people expect it to behave nice even if it doesn’t. And why does gmail, for example, deal with it ok but not gio?
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The root of the problem is Word itself. Back before M$ Word, the predominant 'professional' word processing program was WordPerfect. It was (and still is) a clean, solid program that does what one expects it to do. When Bill Gates came along and decided to build up Micro$oft, he had to have an office suite so he bought an existing program and had his people soup it up. But it had, and still has a lot of strange quirks and failings. He sold it by telling people that it was the only word processing program that would work with M$ Explorer. That wasn't true, but that, combined with the 'first version is free' trick, it convinced enough people back in the 'dark ages' of personal computing that it became the dominant word processor.

It has a number of failings, some of which have been enumerated here. One thing I've found is that Word leaves a lot of trash in it's files. Any coding that was put in and not removed in exactly the same way is still in it. As a long-time and continuing WordPerfect user I'm used to WP's 'RevealCodes' function which shows a version of the displayed document below the WYSYWYG version, and shows all the embedded codes. (M$ said years ago they were going to add this, but they still haven't been able to make it happen.) On may occasions I could take a Word document that wasn't working right, open it in WP and remove the redundant and troublesome codes, and then resave it as a Word document.

Because of problems like this, and the desire to use the reader's own preferred fonts and sizes, I set my groups for plain text. That gets rid of those problems and lets the reader use his preferred fonts and sizes for their preferred readability. One way to convert it is to copy your document from Word into Notepad and then paste *that* into your message. That will generally strip out the troublesome stuff.

Just my two cents worth.


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Hi J,

It is a Microsoft Word idiosyncrasy. When you press Enter Microsoft Word thinks you want to create a new paragraph. It's the (IMO) stupid default behavior to then put a gap between the two lines and I haven't been able to find a way to go back to the old, normal, word.

If you want to simply put a single line between the two press SHIFT + ENTER rather than just Enter. There are several Macros that will do it automatically for you, but you should be proficient in VB to implement them.

As to the other formatting issues I "believe" it is an Internet thing. We had the same issues when trying to copy a Word outline to Yahoo groups. In order to get a pseudo indent, I had to replace the spaces with a "." (dot or period). Maybe someone who is familiar with the way the Internet handles multiple spaces can answer your question better than I.



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My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together. - Desmond Tutu


Messages are the sole opinion of the author, especially the fishy ones.
My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together. - Desmond Tutu

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