locked Re: suggestion - Consistency (ies)


On Sat, Aug 31, 2019 at 02:36 PM, Shal Farley wrote:
please don't take my disagreement
with any of the specific examples as a dismissal of your overall goal.
I'm ot suggesting that at all, just that -- sometimes a person's bias (preference?) might tend to keep one's shoes tied tightly, making it more difficult to try on and walk in another's shoes.  At least I know I'm sometimes guilty of that until I remove the bias (preference?) shades.

<<<<perhaps "blowing up" the group.

My thought was that /Subscription/ better implies a personal connection
to the user - in the context of a group it could only refer to one's
personal subscription to that group.>>>>
My thought is that "subscription" is something members (of my age) used to order when we put a check in the mail to "newsweek." and it arrived by good old Post Office.   I had no say in any preferences such as delivery when or how, or when they published, or any "setting" of the sort.
> At least "Preferences" (display, communication, etc) would be
> recognizable.

That's not bad. It may be better.

I think it has a much more personal connotation than /Settings/, and a
more "friendly" one. Something offered as your preference doesn't seem
as risky as (read with a booming ominous voice in your head) A SETTING.
I see your point, I doubt the fear of blowing up the group settings, but do agree the connotation of "Preference" more personable and more personal.
It would also be consistent usage with the Preferences page in your Account.
It is consistent with the (uugh) Subscription page.   which reads... "Advanced Preferences.
I think it would be well understood that the Preferences would pertain to the group (uggh subscription) to which you are currently signed on.

I see where the disconnect is...
Rightfully, (given no shortage of screen space) the sidebar might read "Your Subscription Settings" (aka preferences) or "Settings for this subscription"  - some permutation of those. 
Your TV remote (or for most any device) doesn't have a button "Your TV Settings" or "Settings for your TV"-- It's shortened to "Settings", "TV" is understood.
So shortening "Your Subscription Settings"  to "Subscription" loses all the context.


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