moderated Re: "Emailed Files" folder



If we take away the "View Attachments" page (which includes photos),
replacing it with "Emailed Files" (which presumably would not), there
will be no way to do #1 above.
I see.

The simplest solution I can think of would be to continue including image files as files in that folder.

That would mean exempting them from control by the "Allow Photos In Files" checkbox (in the Files part of the Features section of the group's Settings page) - treating this folder as allowing photos regardless. At least until such time as a better solution for those images is implemented.

It would also mean that larger images would be listed in both places, but I don't really see that as a problem. Images files have a dual nature: they are files and they are photos (casually speaking, a photographer may object to calling an image a photo unless it traces back to a camera).


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