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Bruce Bowman

On Sun, Sep 1, 2019 at 08:09 PM, Shal Farley wrote:
I didn't mean to imply that it would be any less capable than the existing page, when seen by moderators.
Shal -- I didn't take it that way. I guess to fully explain myself I should start at the beginning.

There have been many complaints over time about sig-line images and so on proliferating in the Emailed Photos folder. In an attempt to address this, on or around March 22 of this year Mark decided to no longer index and display images less than 100 pixels in either dimension in that folder. See the link to that thread in my previous message.

Those little images are still proliferating, and still counting against quota. So the change only addressed half the problem.

If your goal as a group Owner is to get rid of them rather than just hide them, there are two ways remaining to do that:

1) Look them up via the "View Attachments" page (which serves as an alternate index to the affected messages*), or
2) Painstakingly search through all the messages and edit them out, one by one.

If we take away the "View Attachments" page (which includes photos), replacing it with "Emailed Files" (which presumably would not), there will be no way to do #1 above. That's why I remain reluctant to see it go away.

As for how much of a problem this really is, I don't know. Depends on how many of those little images your group receives, I guess.


*Conveniently sorted by file size

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