moderated Re: maintain Word formatting when copy-pasting documents into messages


Shal, thanks but I don't know what you're talking about. LOL.

Yeah, I saw that the emailed version of the message came out fine. The problem is that people often compose long, detailed messages in my group, and many of them do it in Word and then copy and paste. Any invisible formatting characters that work their way into their Word doc are just that: invisible. So I often find myself going in and removing extra line spacing and other things from their posts.

The same applies to their auto-sigs. If the person copies the text for their auto-sig from a document they've created (which is common in our group, because auto-sigs carry a lot of medical information about the cat and often people copy it from some other place), it's a mess. Sometimes I've gone in and used the "remove formatting" tool on the sig. Maybe that's possible with their messages ("posts") too, I'm now thinking. But it would be nice if this did not have to be done.

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