moderated Re: #hashtags


Technotronic Dimensions,

As for the date being a factor in weather a topic is "stale" or not, I
as a group owner dont believe its relevent,
Recall that this test is only applied to messages posted by email that lack the customary "In-Reply-To:" or "References:" header field. That should be a minority case in replies posted by email as most email user interfaces will include one or the other if the person uses the Reply function.

Lacking those fields is an indicator that the person likely composed the email as a new message, not a reply. So the time limits are intended to prevent the accidental inclusion of a new message with common Subject text into a on old Topic. For example, a new member might post a message with a non-specific Subject like "Hello". It would make no sense to link that new message to a similar incident years ago.


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