moderated Re: #hashtags

Technotronic Dimensions

Thanks for your hard work Chris in your evaluation and testing, I dont see anything being left out and you built on my original
findings quite more than my efforts, which was my intent that someone would.

Perhaps offering options on how hashtags behave and let the group owners set them is the best way to go. Default would be how they are now,
and other options that coule be checkboxes maybe:

[ ] Attempt to apply hashtags to all postings by searching archives for closest matches in subject.
[ ] Same as above, but search message body as well.

As for the date being a factor in weather a topic is "stale" or not , I as a group owner dont believe its relevent,
so my group would not need to bother, but for those who do, I suppose a drop down list with anything from "never"
to x days, weeks , months etc could be a feature.

As for a typo in the event someone has a brainstorm and rather retype the subject by memory, or has lost the archives,
or cant access the UI, it would be up to the group owner and their mods to catch the typo, and let them correct the subject.

Now to a genuine oddity. A topic is started without a hashtag, and for some strange reason a subscriber (who may in fact be an owner or moderator) >>replies to it by email adding a hashtag to the subject line. (Don’t ask why they might do that!) That hashtag will not turn up against the topic in the web >>UI, but it will be included in distributed emails and will continue to propagate along the thread if anyone replies to a distributed email with the hashtag in >>the subject line.
My head hurts…
Hope I allieved some of the pain. Keep up the good work.

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