locked Re: Help me pick a logo!



I would vote for #16. At first, it looks like a very simple design.
Upon closer examination, one can see that it is a group of 4 people.
Soylent logo is people!!!
(Sorry, couldn't resist).

I detest the little tails on many of these, representing speech balloons. That to me is clear iconography for chat or text message, not email or web groups. (Sorry Mark, I see that was the sample you gave them.)

But lose the tail and 16 makes for a nicely unique icon.

I like 10 too, for building an envelope out of network nodes. The only one that hints at web and email both. It would also make a unique Font Awesome character.

I also like how 15 and 17 build a G out of envelopes. Also a nicely unique icon, if a bit mechanical in appearance.

I suspect the best may be yet to come, given that there's almost three days left. Good design requires time to think, reflect, adjust, and think again.

-- Shal

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