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"Messages", but "Posts by members"
What I've seen in Groups.io (I mean the interface, not user content) is that /message/ is the noun, and /post/ is the action.

"New Topic" and "Edit Topic", but we add a new (and edit an old)
A message has four key components: To, From, Subject, and body. In this context To is always the posting address of he group, and From is the email address of the person posting the message (possibly DMARC munged). When posting via the web UI the To and From are supplied implicitly, as is the Subject when using Reply rather than New Topic.

A /topic/ is a list of one or more messages where all but the first are replies to a message in that same topic, and all share the same Subject text.

... (typically better known as a "thread")
Whether to call them /topics/ or /threads/ was discussed long ago, with /topic/ winning out. Hopefully the UI and Help are consistent about that. I don't know if /threading/ (as in "the threading algorithm") is used anywhere in the UI or Help, but I would be ok with that as otherwise you need a circumlocution to avoid an abomination like "topicizing".

J wrote:
As in "all posts by this member". Good catch, I agree.
I agree, that nominialized use of /post/ is an example inconsistency in the UI. It could be rewritten as "All Messages By This Member".

If anyone spots other specific example inconsistencies posting them here may be a good way to get them corrected.


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