moderated Re: #hashtags


On Fri, Aug 30, 2019 at 04:59 PM, Shal Farley wrote:
Shal Farley wrote:
Ok, but that doesn't explain why ...
If that page needs correction or improvement please do so (that's what wikis are for). Or let's discuss it in GMF.
shal I haven’t a clue about updating the page, or it’s incorrect at all. 
You referred me to that page in reply to my question why two subject lines, identical, would end up in different threads. 
Mid you know why I’m all ears. If you don’t i surely don’t either so can’t revise the wiki page. 

The question pertains to the topic here - revising subject lines  and how the result ends up getting threaded. That said I’m happy to cross post on gmf but I would have nothing of substance to add at this point. 

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