moderated Re: Meta Suggestion: preferences


Glenn. I support multi preferences.  Or just ignoring/living with personal preferences/naming conventions, etc. 
But when the menu board says “flavors” but underneath it isn’t flavors, but sizes of all  flavors,
And it’s verboten to use “sizes” twice because it’s used elsewhere (above drink prices) basic confusion reigns ~insert pun~ “across the board.” 
 Or you use cup, and dish, and container for the same object, or quart or 4-cup for the same amount (am I getting 1x32oz or 4x8oz ??) Well the point is obvious. Multiflavorcornfuzion. 
Especially to the customer who is the one that it’s the first time trying to make sense of the menu and there’s 30 customers waiting behind. So s/he throws up the hands and walks out mumbling WTF under the breath. 
It all makes perfect sense to the person who put the board together but possibly not to the customer. 
Has anyone ever gone thru a KFC drive thru and was actually able to figure out the options?
All I want is chicken cuz I can’t eat mashed pots when I’m driving — not all this mishmash on the menu. “Oh we can do that, ask for just chicken

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