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That’s great and I would generally agree. A lot of us here, like you, and including me, are (or were at some point) senior se’s and I’m sure you understand that it’s not always just “implement the feature, make it an option, and everybody’s happy.” You take the product as a whole into account. Any particular feature can possibly add or possibly detract from the product. 

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So, I've avoided a number of discussions here and on GMF because they seem to boil down to folks arguing about personal preferences of one sort or another.

I work as senior software engineer for a product that has complex server and client components, with an extraordinarily wide range of use cases. We get the chocolate versus vanilla discussions and customer requests all the time. When it comes to preferences and style, there is no one right answer that works for everyone. Welcome to the grand diversity of the human experience.

At work, if we permit a subjective feature in the first place, we enable a switch to turn it on and off or a slider if it isn't a binary. Those that want can have and those that don't aren't required to have it.

This approach completely walks around the whole problem of whether chocolate is "better" or "right" compared to vanilla and pleases the most number of people by stopping ourselves from saying OR when we could be saying BOTH.


Who prefers French vanilla, but is okay with ice cream stores also carrying chocolate flavors.

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