locked Re: suggestion - Consistency (ies)


[avoding over quoting]  Shal, I get your point that's a matter of style, so there's no "rule" as you try to point to.  It's a matter of "direction."  Talking to the screen, the settings are "my" (mine) - I own them, I set them, I control them.  The screen talking back - they are "your"s  -- you own them, you set them - but I abide by them. I would say "you put on YOUR pants" but you would say I put on MY pants.

Note that the confusion complaints aren't by seasoned users that can go to plan B if a menu looks odd or doesn't supply the info or choices one expects,  We can click around and find what we want.  Put their shoes on -- It's those who are afraid that clicking something they aren't supposed to might blow up the world, or at least their laptop. 
Settings can occur in different areas.  Account settings, communication settings, display settings, bla bla.  But subscriptions is what I am subscribed to (a list of them where I can manage them?)  Now, if it were called This particular subscription's settings (opposed to another subscription's settings) then maybe novices could understand that better.  but "subscription" is confusing -- doesn't convey any readably recognizable context as to what comes next in the clicking order.  At least "Preferences" (display, communication, etc) would be recognizable.
But regardless, consistency is the key - when one goes from one screen to another or to a help page, there are different terms for the same items that a novice has to stop and wonder, what's the difference between a post and a message, or a subject and a topic or thread, or bla bla -- they're used interchangeably and I see their point that's it's just plain ol' confusing to them, so therefore frustrating, therefore avoided.

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