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Finally getting back to this. I just pushed the following to production:

If a thread's subject has changed, and we get a reply to an already
sent out message in the thread (with the old subject), we change the
subject to the new subject when we send the message out. We store the
message as it was originally received (View Original will show the
old, now incorrect subject line).

A thread's subject can change because it was edited, or in the case of
a thread merge.

We still ignore hashtags when comparing subjects.


On Sat, Mar 7, 2015 at 12:41 AM, Shal Farley <shal@roadrunner.com> wrote:

o When a thread's subject is changed, I will re-write the Subject
lines in all the archived messages for that thread, so that if
you 'View Original' or download the archives, the new subject
appears in the message header.
I was with you up to that one. I'm not at all keen on ever editing the View Original of a message - that way lies madness and a complete inability to reconstruct things after an accident. Gotta have some terra firma or the whole house of cards could come down.

I'd rather you keep a separate "Subject" text as metadata to each message, if you need something to mess with to construct the various views of things. This also goes, BTW, for the earlier case:

o That reply should have its subject changed to the new subject
before it's sent to the group (prepended with Re:).
I had assumed you were doing that re-write on the way out, not modifying the stored original message.

-- Shal

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