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You added the hashtag to a message post in the archive. If someone replied to that message in the archive the reply would have been hashtagged also; but I think if they replied to the original un-hashtagged post that they received via email it would not carry the hashtag.

At least, that is my impression. I could be wrong about it.


On 08/29/19 10:28, Technotronic Dimensions wrote:
1st topic didnt have a tag, and I manually added one days later. Few weeks went by, and someone replied,
but the tag on all the subsequent replies to the 1st topic didnt get tied in with the tag forced into the first post.
The 1st topic is completely seperated from all the subsequent replies now. All the subsequent replies are grouped together
but with no tag.
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***any of the following subject replies didnt tie in to the 1st subject ***

Are you saying that all of the subsequent posts (after made the hashtag
change) are under one separate/different (non #hashtag) topic??
Or did each subsequent post end up under its own topic (i.e., several posts,
different topics, having the same non-#hashtag subject)?

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