moderated Re: New moderation setting proposal #suggestion

David Grimm

On Wed, Aug 28, 2019 at 06:11 PM, Chris Jones wrote:
Once a "troublesome member" realised that they could start a topic unmoderated, but that replies were held for moderation, they might start posting replies with a slightly amended subject line in an attempt to circumvent the moderation delay.

The benefit of just moderating the individual(s) concerned is that it is totally unambiguous in its scope. Then they set up another membership in an attempt to frustrate the process... :(
Not to tell anyone how to run their group, but on mine, any member who goes through this much trouble to avoid moderation proves to me that their primary purpose on the group is to cause trouble, which gets them banned. (And so no one thinks I am a meanie, I DO communicate with them privately first.)


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