moderated Re: option to set maximum attendees for calendar events

Nancy Funk <funkmomma71@...>

 Even with the first group event we held, we experienced people who cancelled literally in the 11th hour, a couple of whom strongly requested a change of time and venue to accommodate them. I want these people waitlisted the next time they RSVP as coming to an event, and would really like to be able to do that. Without it, we're stuck letting them hold places in the next events (which are limited to small numbers of attendees) while they make up their minds.

We have similar problems, we have people either cancel at the last minute or just not even show up. We need to be able to waitlist or remove repeat offenders as many of our events our limited by the venue we are visiting. It also makes our group look bad when only half the people show up. This could be resolved if I could have moved people off the waitlist who were waiting for someone to cancel, but never do. It's very frustrating!

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