locked Re: Help me pick a logo!



I think that #12 by akagii with the large G with the arrow is dynamic.
That one is quite striking. But I worry that the initial glyph is a little too "Firefox-y". Too, it reminds me a bit of the ubiquitous "busy" spinner.

I lean towards the logos with an envelope, like 14 (or 10, 6, 11) because that says "email" to me. Maybe someone will come up with a design that suggests a synergy of email and web that I'll like better. But, other than browser logos, what image is iconic for the web? Depictions of a spider or a spider's web really does _not_ fit that bill - too strongly (and negatively) associated with the insect.

A Google image search for "web icon" gives some interesting results, and the reminder that in the early going a globe was often used, putting the emphasis more on "World Wide" and less on "Web".

-- Shal

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