moderated Re: #featurerequest Drop Down Retains Choice #suggestion



Perhaps if the program can't set a preferred view for each user, ...
Duane got it almost right.

It does remember the most recent view for each user. Sort of*.

The fly in the ointment is the Your Groups page, which is hard coded to the /topics view. I've learned to avoid that page.

The Your Groups drop-list and the Messages link in the left column conform to your most recent view selection. Except for Polls view, that doesn't get remembered.

*Technical detail: Mark cheated. Instead of actually storing the user's selection in a cookie or something, he's re-written the page elements that link to messages/topics to conform to the current selection. Which is why the the Your Groups page doesn't change: it isn't part of the current page when you select a view and can't be rewritten on the fly.

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