moderated Re: Feature Request---Group Buys

Gerald Boutin <groupsio@...>

On Sun, Aug 18, 2019 at 01:56 AM, Dale Hardin wrote:
Many of the amateur radio groups I belong too have someone offer to run a group buy or purchase parts for distribution to group members.  As a result, there are a lot of "I want one too"  and "put me on the list" messages.  It would be nice to be able to manage group buys with group members placing their name, and mail/contact info on a list maintained by a feature of  Regards, Dale


The Database feature can accommodate that type of list. The Database is limited in functionality, so I would not consider it secure for large financial transactions. But for a friendly group of hams, it probably will suffice.

I hardly ever play with Databases, but it only took a few minutes to put together a sample "Group Buy" table. I included brief documentation in the description to give you an idea of how I did the set up. You can certainly add more columns for more information.

Gerald, VE1DT

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