moderated Re: the fix to including sigs in text went too far ?

Glenn Glazer

On 8/17/2019 13:08, J_Catlady wrote:
Making something like this a group configuration option, though, I don't think would be a good solution. Many people participate in more than one group, and people develop expectations about how the product behaves with respect to their messages. Making quotes behave very differently from one group to another I think might be frustrating and confusing to users. You might use a quote, expect it to be visible, and then find belatedly, upon seeing your post onlist, that you're in one of the groups that collapes top quotes. Or vice-versa. I don't think this would be good for the product as a whole. There are some features that just don't lend themselves well to group configuration options, and IMHO this is one of them. 

I think that would depend a lot on how many people really belong to different groups with different administrators. Mark is the only one with such data.

Even so, I think this underestimates human flexibility. For example, Shal is the only one who has ever asked me not to include my sig line, so when I write to GMF, I make an effort to remember to remove it, even if that is the only group for which that is true.

I firmly believe that issues of style can and will vary among groups depending on their culture, their history and so forth and thus believe that as many things as possible should be left to the group administrators to decide.



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