moderated Re: the fix to including sigs in text went too far ?

Glenn Glazer

On 8/16/2019 17:32, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Hi All,

Working with J, I think the issue is as follows: The algorithm just looks for a quoted block at the beginning of the message, and if it finds one (and only one in the entire message), it collapses it. It doesn't look to see whether that quoted block was the *entire* message being replied to or not. Note, this is also how the other collapse algorithm works, that is, it does not consider whether the quoted block is the entire message or not.

Should this recent change be reverted? My feeling is to keep it, but I'm easily influenced on this.


My feeling is that the entire thing is a mountain of molehills and either way is fine for me. I suspect this is true for others who interact with the group primarily by email.



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