moderated Re: +Owner Email a Preference or a Permission?

Jeremy H

To start, there are two things which any discussion on this subject has to start from:
1) Sending and receiving '+owner' messages are two sides of the same coin.
2) Within, 'Moderator' can mean many things from 'owner in all but name' (with full powers) to 'trusted member allowed to do a few extra things' (that ordinary members aren't)

Having said that, my thoughts are:
1) The ability to send and receive/read '+owner' messages should be a moderator permission, granted by the owner as others, and with three options: (i) send and receive/read; (ii) receive/read only; and (iii) no access. (whether it can be done as one, or needs to be done as two, is a technical issue). 
2) Whether a moderator (permitted to receive/read such messages), receives them as e-mails, or is just able to read them on line should be a preference they can set, as with ordinary group messages: whether it can use the same preference setting(s) as ordinary messages, or should be its own setting, is something I'm ambivalent over.
3) There follows a group management issue (nothing to do with the technicalities/software/ service per se), that the owner should be clarifying his expectations to any moderator with this privilege - as to whether they should be pro-active and instantly responding, or not.

So I think I'm essentially with J_Catlady on this one.


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