moderated Re: +Owner Email a Preference or a Permission?

Michael Pavan

I suggest:

1) That +owner messages should only be able to be sent by an Owner or Moderator that WILL receive replies to those messages.

2) If an Owner or Moderator later sets themselves to not receive +owner emails,
that Owner or Moderator should STILL receive replies to any +owner emails they sent.

3) If an Owner, or Moderator with "Set Moderators Privileges" turns off whether a Moderator will receive +owner emails,
that Moderator should NOT be able to turn them back on, nor send +owner emails,
UNLESS they have "Set Moderators Privileges" AND turn their receiving +owner emails back on.
[This would control if a Moderator can send a +owner message, but perhaps it could be done another way]

4) Log entries should also specify what was turned on or off, along with the current: who changed who's and when.
Now changes made (in Admin > Members, clicking on Moderator's row) are logged:
[15 Moderator Permissions (on/off), 6 Notifications (on/off), and Owner Email (1 of 3) = 22],
and each results in (up to 22) identical, unidentified log entries:
'who' changed 'who's' moderator permissions via web with <time and/or date>
(including if the change is by you of you).
But the same changes made (in Subscription) are not logged - but should be:
[6 Notifications (on/off), and Owner Email (1 of 3)].

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