moderated +Owner Email a Preference or a Permission?

Bruce Bowman

On Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 04:34 PM, Shal Farley wrote:
I think the moderator's Owner Email option to receive +owner messages or not should remain a subscription option, equivalent to their Notifications checkboxes or for that matter to their Email Delivery option to receive group messages or not. That is, I think shared control (either the subject mod or an owner can change it) is wholly appropriate.
Starting a new thread here, as we've digressed enough already, and I regret having contributed to that.

I agree with Shal's comment above. One advantage of having +owner email delivery be a preference rather than a permission is to allow folks to go on vacation (or whatever) and control which emails are sent to them, without the Owner having to intervene every time. The whole of is designed to let each individual decide what emails are sent their way; this is just another example of that.

Perhaps less convincingly, with 15 permissions checkboxes already present in a Moderator setup screen, I'm inclined to push back on the notion that it needs further expansion. There are a number of Moderator permissions that are set by the mere fact that a person is a Moderator; and as others have noted, +owner messages (at least from existing subscribers) are already accessible to those Mods who have access to member records. 

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