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Judy F.

Mark, my favorites are #8 and #9 by newbie or not. I would prefer seeing the fancy G in place of the G in Groups. The way it currently is makes me immediately think of gmail.

My second choice is #6 by arogavi . I like it because of the mail icons.

I don't like #5 and #3 by jumbo. #5 looks too small and the lettering is small. #3 is hard to read on the blue background

I like #2 and 1 by panwawer with #2 being my preference because of the shadow background. Of the two #2 would be the one I would chose

Judy F.
SW Florida - USA

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As part of applying to Facebook so that people can log in using their Facebook credentials, Groups.io is required to submit a logo. But we don't have a logo, you say. True! But not for long. I have just created a design contest on 99designs for a Groups.io logo. Designers read the creative brief, and submit logo ideas, from which I'll select a winner.

I could use your help. Here's the contest:


I just submitted it, so there are only a few designs to review. But over the next 4 days, a bunch should be submitted. Tell me in this thread which ones you like or don't like. The designers can tweak the designs as well, so suggestions for tweaks are appreciated as well.

I know creativity is subjective and everyone has different tastes. But hopefully this will be fun.


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