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In the sense that all mods can see a member’s Owner Messages page, you are right. They both specify how information is received, not *which* information is received. There’s also a request floating around somewhere to make moderator access to the Owner Messages page subject to explicit permission by group owners. This problem or issue goes along with that. Both email receipt of, and access to the page for, owner messages I think should be made a specific mod permission. They would go hand in hand.

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If that's truly the case I just verified that this is the case and think it needs to be fixed.

We're off topic for the OP, but for the record I disagree.

I think the moderator's Owner Email option to receive +owner messages or not should remain a subscription option, equivalent to their Notifications checkboxes or for that matter to their Email Delivery option to receive group messages or not. That is, I think shared control (either the subject mod or an owner can change it) is wholly appropriate.



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