locked Re: Help me pick a logo!


Hi Mark,

I like #1 (the groups with the yellow io (bottom right)).
The top left #7 - with the G inside a double bubble is quite good too.

The conversation bubble is really old, I think. We used this at my public library more than 10 years ago. (#3 and 5).

You don’t want something that takes too much real estate when you use the icon in other ways (smartphone, for example). But it needs to be clear.

My two cents worth!


I could use your help. Here's the contest:


I just submitted it, so there are only a few designs to review. But
over the next 4 days, a bunch should be submitted. Tell me in this
thread which ones you like or don't like. The designers can tweak the
designs as well, so suggestions for tweaks are appreciated as well.

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