Re: Members Removed for Marking Messages as spam AUTO-Message suggested modification


Agree with Bob. There are enough cases of spam-removed members not having received the resubscribe link that it’s ingenuous to reassure or surmise that the resubscribe email might be somehow different and reach these members even though group emails don’t.

On Aug 12, 2019, at 11:44 AM, Bob Bellizzi <cdfexec@...> wrote:

My point is that we can't rely on the message to the member that is sent after the spam marking.
Providing the Owners with the appropriate and unique automatic rejoin link would all us the option to alert the (ex)subscriber
if we were so inclined.
In the last month we had 4 dropped via spam and none were recovered 
2 were Yahoo
1 was sbcglobal
1 was bellsouth
In the previous month only 1 was recovered and that was not a domain hosted by Yahoo/Verizon as this months' 4 were.


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