Re: Members Removed for Marking Messages as spam AUTO-Message suggested modification

Patty Sliney

Yup, Bob.  I mentioned this some time ago to Mark: That auto email to instantly restore their membership will most likely never been seen by the removed member because it is now being routed as well to that list member's Spam folder. No real options were ever suggested, more of a, "well, this is just the way it has to be, because we're a small platform, and the email programs/ISP just don't know about us."  So, myself and my list mods are now forced to send unsubbed list members a manual email from our personal email accounts that states the following:

You were automatically unsubscribed by from our <name of group> list on because either you or your email program/ISP marked one of our list messages as spam.  Most likely, you emptied your Spam folder and didn't check the emails prior to emptying that folder. By doing that, you could have accidentally told your email program and/or ISP that our emails are spam.  So, be SURE to check your Spam/Junk folder very carefully before just emptying it, for our list emails, and mark them as "NOT SPAM", please.  Sometimes it is nothing a list member does, but their ISP does.

The good news is, you were JUST send an auto re-subscription email from  You have 7 days to click on the link in that email, to restore your membership.  Please be sure to look in your Spam folder, as well as your inbox for that email.  Click on the link in the email, and you will be instantly restored as a list member.

I am still not a fan of this method of managing Blacklisting/Whitelisting.  There is no other group I'm on, on any other platform (big or small) that uses this method to manage their Blacklisting issues.  For my groups, most of my list members are not particularly computer-savvy, so we lose members through this process.  Not all get themselves re-subscribed, some don't even see our message until after the link expiration, and then we have to spend time asking them to send in a new membership request.  I feel like this is an awful lot of uncessary work for list owners/mods.  Not the best system, and a strange one in my opinion.

Patty S.

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