locked Re: New feature: Login via Facebook or Google

Cacky B

For me, the preference not to use a social media login has nothing to do with tech or savvy.  I have a great distrust of most social media providers and the cavalier manner in which they handle user information.  I have separate passwords for any number of sites.  No, I don't try to remember them, but have them saved in a manner that is easy for me to locate, but would not be very easy for anyone else to locate.  I strongly feel that if there is to be a check box for those who are happy to use social media entrees, that it should not be automatically checked as a default.

Perhaps social login could be a choice/option the list owner can set up? That way tech-savvy groups could lean toward social media as their preference/default setting. If you're dealing with a group whose members are less interested in tech and/or despise social media, then you choose the standard IO login as the primary option for your group (with social being there as an option they can select if desired).

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