locked Re: New feature: Login via Facebook or Google



Getting back to the social logins...allowing it by default, I took
that to mean that they would get that as the first option, with the
box already checked to make that their default.
Ack. English is such a flexible language...

No, what I was trying to say was that initially a new person would be allowed to choose whether to set up a Groups.io password or sign in socially. Not that the social would be the default choice. Probably none of the choices would be default - I'm imagining social sign in will be more like choosing to click on one the social buttons instead of filling in a password.

After they've signed in once, only the method they used that first time would be allowed - unless the member changes their preferences to allow other sign-in methods.

Perhaps social login could be a choice/option the list owner can set
Remember that the users are signing in to Groups.io, and Groups.io would not know which group(s) the user might belong to until after the user signs in. So I don't think this would make any sense.

Even if the sign-in page were somehow connected with a specific group, I think this would be a bad idea. In any group, users come in all levels of understanding and outside interests; I don't think it is the group owner's place to impose a sign-in method, or even set a default for it.

-- Shal

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