moderated Re: Group home page redesign

Michael Pavan

On Aug 1, 2019, at 6:34 AM, Duane <> wrote:

I'm wondering if it would be possible to make the Active Topics and Top Hashtags sections optional as part of the group settings.

In the General area of the Settings page, these could be included at the bottom, after the Website box, with a checkbox to enable them. It would probably be a good idea to have them enabled by default, if the feature is added, to allow folks to get an idea of how things look before they make a decision on usage.
I would prefer the default to be OFF, as hashtags should be an option to choose rather than a nuance to turn off.

BTW, the problem with deleting all hashtags to remove that section is that some would be recreated when a calendar event occurs.
Again, hashtags, especially automatic hashtags, should be turned ON rather than have to be turned OFF.

The only use I have for hashtags are the automatic Calendar hashtags and ONLY to trigger Moderation of Event Reminders to EDIT out the unwanted excess verbiage that is currently automatically being added,
[Subject Tag] <type of event:> <Event Name> <Date> <Start Time> <End Time> <#cal-hashtag>
[Subject Tag] <Event Name> <Date> <Start Time>

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