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Yes, for me it was very easy, which is one of the reasons that I went with IO, but I have run into some SNAFU's with some of my members moving over from Yahoo or Wiggio (where they were for years). Mark was able to fix the one from last night, something to do with her email service sending the confirmation email to the wrong address. 

I've had a couple who when I sent the invitation, IO just shows that it failed. No idea why. Canceling/resending the invite gets the same result. Only two people so far, one of whom uses gmail. Plenty of other gmail users had no problems receiving invites. These two are still in limbo, unable to join.

Also a couple said they did the steps to confirm and are already getting group emails, but in the invitation screen it still looks like they never accepted the invite. I think some of them may have gone to the group home page and joined manually as opposed to accepting the invite. Seems the invitation screen doesn't record that they became members via a different process.

Some other people don't appear to be getting the invitations or they're possibly ignoring them or they're going to spam? Hard for me to tell for sure. They just keep saying I never saw an invitation.

Getting back to the social logins...allowing it by default, I took that to mean that they would get that as the first option, with the box already checked to make that their default. That right there would freak some of my members out. LOL I'm dealing with probably a 60/40 non-tech vs fairly tech-savvy membership.. For that 60% who are not techie, they really have NO desire to learn more than they have to. Just telling these people we were switching over to a new groups service was traumatic and/or annoying for some, so letting it go to a social media login by default would probably put them into confusion mode which is why I'd prefer that they have to check a box to choose social media login. If they don't, then it's the typical choose a password login by default. Oh how I wish they were all tech geeks or at least had an interest, but they're not.

Perhaps social login could be a choice/option the list owner can set up? That way tech-savvy groups could lean toward social media as their preference/default setting. If you're dealing with a group whose members are less interested in tech and/or despise social media, then you choose the standard IO login as the primary option for your group (with social being there as an option they can select if desired).


On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 2:40 PM, Shal Farley <shal@...> wrote:

> I wouldn't want to force anyone to log in via a social networking
> login.

Of course not.

> I think that should be an option they have to select as opposed to
> defaulting to it.

We were discussing allowing it by default, not requiring it.

> I have someone who's been trying to join groups.io <http://groups.io>
> since last night who can't figure out the login/approval process.

I'm curious where they're hung up, if you know. Perhaps they're over-thinking it (expecting it to be as complex as Yahoo).

Unless something broke since the last time I tried it, signing up for Groups.io web access really is as simple as verifying an email address and setting a password. There is no unique ID to choose, nor an an email address to set up.

-- Shal

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