moderated Re: Comcast throttling

Douglas Swearingen

Comcast may not be the only one doing this today.  I sent a message to my group through Outlook about 30 minutes ago.  So far, that message has  not arrived in my group.

Just a heads up about a possible Outlook problem.


From: <> on behalf of Mark Fletcher <>
Sent: Saturday, July 27, 2019 12:47 AM
To: <>
Subject: [beta] Comcast throttling
Hi All,

It appears that Comcast has been throttling messages from us for the past several hours. These messages should eventually be delivered, once Comcast lifts the throttle. If you're a Comcast user, well I guess you're not going to see this anytime soon, but if you do, I'd appreciate it if you could complain to them. I think that helps.


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