moderated Re: Message edit in archive #suggestion


On Tue, Jul 23, 2019 at 06:56 AM, Duane wrote:
  I encourage users of my groups to edit rather than double post, so this would be very useful to us.
I can see why you might want this in your group, then. It's the polar opposite of my group, where we have disabled editing because everyone was editing their posts many times in a row, which caused a big mess. (Yeah, we asked them to minimize it but they couldn't, or they didn't really get the message about why they shouldn't do that.) We, OTOH, make people send a new comment with any edits that they may have. In fact, the few other groups I'm in (including beta, BTW) also happen to have disabled editing, probably for the same reason as us. But for a group that encourages editing, it's a different situation. 

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