moderated Re: banned members notified they're banned when try to log in - I thought this was stopped?

Holly <holly@...>

Mark writes:

<I will take some of the blame for this, like my PSPTubes mention earlier today. If I ever use an acronym that isn't clear, please call me on it.>

Google is our friend, at least in areas such as figuring out terminology. I've googled many terms and acronyms from this list and many others that I didn't understand. Though I have to admit the "tubes" reference had me befuddled for a while until I picked up that it involved YouTube in some way, and in making, I guess, short animations of some sort.

My personal policy is a) google it, and if that doesn't work, b) ask on the list in question. Most people are very happy to share their expertise.

Thank you, Mark, for all you do to make a roaring - or do I mean rambunctious? :) - success!


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