moderated Re: banned members notified they're banned when try to log in - I thought this was stopped?


I believe you need to ask for what you really want --
comparable accessibility of Past Member information
Yes, I've done that many times in the past and it
continues to be flakey and funky. And I've already
mentioned that in this thread.
I see a lot of piling-on here, and I don't understand why. What you're suggesting, Bruce, is what I interpreted as what J was asking for in the first place. Sometimes suggestions get lost behind more important problems that come up and they need a bump occasionally.

Regarding my comment about 'banning', I'm sorry that I gave someone the excuse to focus on pedantic details instead of seeing the broader situation. The logic of following up on why a person has left a group is the same as following up on why a person was banned. There can be a lot of things that affect a member leaving, and following up on the available details in those situations will sometimes bring to light problems that an owner can try to guide others through, or bring to management for attention. It may also point out situations where an owner may need to follow up with potential collateral problems such as changing ownership of posted photos to a member's new alternate identity.

Some here have suggested that people are keeping records about members who leave. Looking back. I can only assume that interpretation came out of someone's imagination, because I never read that into anything J wrote. I would say that anyone with that kind of imagination doesn't understand what kind of a onerous task such a thing would be. I would also remind those people that what is being discussed is not group owners keeping records, but the records that *already* keeps. There is obviously a reason records such things, and it would appear that if there is any way a group owner is given access that data, there is a reason for the owner to have that ability.

I'm saddened in a way to see how beta has changed in the last year or so. The more I read, the more I hear people trying to tell other people what they should and shouldn't be doing. I also read people's comments telling Mark what should and shouldn't be done and how to do it. I also read more and more discussions of technical things and the use of terms and acronyms that are undefined in the discussion, which push many non-technical people out of discussions. I have even been told that my concerns for such were "spurious", even though the person who made that statement never did explain what the acronyms I asked about meant. I am frustrated that I apparently don't know enough about the technical aspects of programming to be of value to the group discussion any more.

I spend less and less time here because there seem to be more and more people here who want to tell other people how they should or shouldn't run their groups, or show off their technical expertise. I know I will be vilified and cursed at for what I have already written. But it's what I've seen and I'm concerned that I may not be the only one who may have felt this.

And for those who may ask who the heck I am to make such statements, understand that I've been on for over four and a half years, and I support the old fashioned way, by maintaining two premium groups.


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