moderated Re: banned members notified they're banned when try to log in - I thought this was stopped?


Yes, wrong word. But you are implying that if they don’t respond, I have no right to look into their past history and notes to try to determine why. Doing that is patently not an abuse of the system of any feature. Like I said, if it is, then so is looking at the past members list. And it’s tiring to hear again your comment that I am “nosying around.” I am looking for information. “Nosying around” is your own pejorative interpretation.

The past members list exists because groups wanted it and I assume, like me, make good use of it. There is nothing in your argument about my use of the banned members list that does not also apply to any premium group’s use of the past memnrtz list. Banning is a hack around the technical problem. I hack around features all the time by using different features to effect the functionality I want.

I am gobsmacked that you are so gobsmacked.

On Jul 21, 2019, at 10:15 AM, Helen <> wrote:

I never said you are punishing them, and I've no idea why you've used that word. I am commenting on the fact that you are using a function for a purpose entirely different to its intended function. I still find your actions inappropriate but that's one for Mark to decide.

If people do not want to say why they left my groups, I respect their decision. My groups will run just fine without me nosying around after people who have left. And at least I know that the very few people I have banned (two in five years, I think) really were banned.



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