moderated Re: banned members notified they're banned when try to log in - I thought this was stopped?


Wow. This has nothing to do with punishing them for not responding. In the interest of my group, I simply want to see a record of their interaction, and any notes I or another mod might have made in their Notes page, to better understand why they left. This is not “nosying around after them.” This is an attempt to understand why people may be leaving the group, and which people might be leaving and why, The information is available, and this is simply a technical issue. The banned members list retains more information than the past members list.

Your criticism is inappropriate.

On Jul 21, 2019, at 9:56 AM, Helen <> wrote:

I'm gobsmacked that you use the ban function in this way. If people don't wish to respond to your goodbye message, that's their prerogative. IMO nosying around after them in other ways is inappropriate and abuse of the feature.



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