moderated banned members notified they're banned when try to log in - I thought this was stopped?


I just discovered, through a snafu in another group besides my own where I happen to be a moderator, that when someone has been banned, and they try to log in, they get a "you have been banned" banner. I thought that banned accounts simply don't see the "join this group" or "apply for membership in this group" button, and that they are not informed they've been banned.

I have been banning members up the wazoo simply because more can be seen of their past history that way. Usually, when someone leaves my group and does not answer the "good-bye, why did you leave" questionnaire, I immediately ban them only so that I can see their member notes, etc. I was under the distinct impression that THEY ARE NOT INFORMED they've been banned. But this changes everything. Unless this is fixed, I need to go back an unban tons of people.

Is it possible to fix this but changing it back to what it was (i.e., people are not informed they're banned from a group)? I think this is a very bad situation.

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