Re: Feature Request- 'Your Groups' menu #suggestion

Michael Pavan

Some may prefer the new "Your Groups" dropdown menu showing "Group Title" vs "Group Email Address", but let us choose.
Put in a toggle to control whether "Group Email Address" is shown (as it used to be) or "Group Title".

Alternatively, I guess the work around could be to change each group's "Group Title" to match its "Group Email Address", but that would cause those groups to no longer be searchable by its 'real world' name in the Directory, plus I don't know if it would correct the current "Your Groups" dropdown menu's not truly alphabetical order or reinstitute the "Your Groups" webpage sort of 'my owned groups first, follow by other groups' (both in alphabetical order)...

A "Group Title" is typically a phrase like: 'Information Technology' and 'what you see is what you get' which online are usually expressed as: IT and WYSIWYG - they make sense. Allow us to continue that practice with the "Your Groups" dropdown menu.

The "Your Groups" dropdown menu used to be good and matched my "Your Groups" webpage
It showed the 11 groups I own, then the 4 other groups I belong to (both in alphabetical order) as:
beta | main

Now what I see is a plethora of unnecessary words,
that are neither truly alphabetical, nor can I select its order:
All Time Jelly - former members of Roaring Jelly
The Beta Group
Back of the House Slow Session
Cape Cod Celtic Society spirit
Cape Cod Celtic Society Organizers
Cape Cod Old Time Jam
Cape Cod Scottish Session
Cape Cod Waltz Jam
Falmouth Fiddlers
Falmouth Slow Session
Help Improve the Management of Groups
Roaring Jelly Contra Dance Band current members
Roaring Jelly Dance Friends Updates

My 11 groups all have a chosen Group Title that is 2 to 7 words long,
but use its easy to remember acronym (only 2 to 6 letters long)
for "Group Email Address", "Subject Tag", and group URL
e.g. All Time Jelly - former members of Roaring Jelly,, [ATJ], and
(or the simpler alias:

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