Re: Feature Request- 'Your Groups' menu #suggestion



- If a group has a title set, that's used now.
I'm not enthusiastic about this change.

1) The group's Title is not its name. Its name (the group-specific part of its email and web addresses) is its name. This isn't just pedantry, group names are per-force unique system-wide, group Titles are not.

I think Geoff's concern seems rather peculiar - perhaps limited to Enterprise groups with a custom domain. Most other groups here don't seem to have a problem with picking names that are long enough to be easily recognized. Breaking everyone else's Your Groups drop list to accommodate those particular concerns doesn't seem well thought out.

2) It is now inconsistent with the /groups page. So now one has two lists of your groups, with at best loosely related entries. This is NOT a recommendation that the /groups page also be changed to display the Title.

NOTE: Sorting is still done by group name. This will be addressed with
a future update.
3) Hopefully that would at least be the kind title sort a librarian would use -- excluding leading articles (such as "A", "An", and "The").

To catch all cases, including non-English language, you might need to add a "sort-by Title" control to the group settings so that the group owner can trim the Title appropriately for their language.

The good news: sorting by Title will bring to light cases where you are a member of two or more groups with the same name -- see objection (1). The bad news: it will make it harder to remember which is which.

4) This change will put pressure on some groups to change their Title to accommodate this presentation. I've already had calls to change GMF's Title to make it more recognizable in this new presentation.

But what is one to do? Make the title a duplicate of the name, with better punctuation? That would best serve the "recognizable" goal, but seems a wasted resource (the Title). Better, perhaps, would be add the group name to (the beginning of) the Title text.

5) Either way, this makes for an ugly entry in the Publicly Listed Groups list, which is shown in the format: name / title.
So now I'd have name / name, or name / name title.

That is, either:
GroupManagersForum / Group Managers Forum
GroupManagersForum / Group Managers Forum -- Help Improve the Management of Groups


Maybe the better suggestion is that the Your Groups drop-list adopt a combined "name | sub / title" inspired by the Publicly Listed Groups list. Perhaps with truncation at a reasonable width.


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