moderated Re: Add ability to remove or edit customized Invite text without sending invitations


How do you "remove them"? The feature I'm asking for here is the ability to easily remove them. Right now it's very difficult to remove the old invite text until you create and send a new invite. The old text just stays there.
Well, if we are talking about the same feature: I go to "settings" then "member notices" and there I have the window with the latest invite text. I just delete it and update.

I don't doubt that the language issue is a serious one, and that it is related to this one in the sense that it involves invitations, but other than that it seems to me to be a separate issue.

      The option to create a completely free invitation without any default text in it would help enormously to avoid the language confusion for potential new
      members. At least that option was what I thought was asked for in this topic.
      It makes a big difference for a German or Italian or Polish national to receive an invitation message that is completely in English or if they get a message
      with a language mix in it.





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