moderated Re: Add ability to remove or edit customized Invite text without sending invitations


On Mon, Jul 8, 2019 at 04:10 AM, Victoria wrote:
And for the many foreign groups it is even worse.
That's a separate issue, with a different problem - comprehensibility, rather than privacy - and a different solution, where might, at some point in the future, allow the user to choose their language and then print all fixed text in that language. I would not mix the language issue up with the issue of leaving personal messages to invitees lying around indefinitely, with them perhaps being inadvertently sent to the next invitee.

Once I was picking up an Rx at the pharmacy and they accidentally included the last customer's detailed prescription sheet with all their personal info in it. That's more what this issue is akin to. Not the Rx boilerplate being in the wrong language.

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