moderated Add ability to remove or edit customized Invite text without sending invitations


I noticed today that after sending an invitation, any customized Invite text stays there until the next Invite. There is no way to edit or remove the text without sending another Invite. The only workaround currently is to edit the text, enter no email addresses, and hit Send Invitations (resulting in "0 invitations sent" etc..) It's a hack. 

There should be a way to edit the customized text and hit Save, or something. Otherwise, a different moderator from the last one who send an invitation may not realize they're stuck with the old Invite text, and may fail to change it; or maybe it was a one-time invite text that you know you'll never want to use again, and you may want to get rid of it a priori, even before sending another invite, instead of letting it sit there; or you may have included someone's personal info in the Invite that you don't want sitting there; etc.).

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