locked Re: Editing To: Cc: in moderation queue



We already re-write the To line to be just groupname@groups.io.
Interesting. Ordinarily if I put other addressees in the To: or CC: fields, rather than BCC:, it is because I want all the addressees to know about each other. And in particular I want the addressees to be able to use the "Reply-All" function of their email service to reply to everyone who received my message.

Jim Poston wrote:
Would it be possible to allow moderators to edit the To: and Cc:
fields in pending messages int he moderation queue?
I suppose it is not uncommon for members to forget that a group might prefer not to have non-member addresses, or addresses for other lists, shown anywhere or distributed to the members.

So I can see where it might be preferred to let the moderator delete elements of a mailbox-list in the To: or CC: fields. Or have Groups.io always remove them.

And for some instances where someone sends a message from a DMARC
p=reject domain, we re-write the CC line as well.
What purpose would that serve? I assume that on the outbound side of Groups.io all of the content of the To: and CC: fields is effectively commentary that won't be acted on.

Unless the receiving member uses a Reply-All function. But then what purpose is served by having Groups.io modify any part of the CC?

Perhaps I should just delete any CC line?
I'd say that if you continue to re-write the To: to contain only groupname@groups.io, then you should delete any CC line. Conversely, if you give the mods a way to trim them instead then do so for both fields. And I'll refrain from asking that the choice be yet another group Setting.

-- Shal

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